What Sets Us Apart


“Seasoned Professionals with Relationship Capital and Key Access.”

Colorado Advocates has a seasoned leadership and staff that will objectively advocate and advise clients along the path to success.

Relationship Capital: To achieve your goals, we will utilize the constructive, established, and ongoing relationships with and within the Office of the Governor, with key decision-makers from both sides of the aisle in the Colorado House and Senate, and with all forms of media outlets.

Key Access: With decades in the field, our partnerships within the highest levels of Colorado government have no accident. Our professional reputation is our trade, and we are known as a firm agencies can work with. This is evidenced by our 25 year track record.


“Bipartisan, strategic, and fresh thinking.”

Colorado Advocates’ bipartisan, strategic, and fresh thinking will be the leverage towards success through quality end-state focused objectivity. Our creative cadre of professional lobbyists, lawyers, and communications specialists are highly invested in our client’s best interest, and will aggressively advocate for their desired results.


“We will be ‘just down the hall.’”

We seek to keenly understand the needs of our client, because we understand that their goals are the measure of our success. We listen to our clients to build that integrated understanding of the end-state, and will never lose focus on every client; in a sense, we will be “just down the hall.”