Areas of Practice

Lobbying and Government Relations

Navigating Policy and Politics to Get to ‘Yes’

Our diverse team of professionals has a deep understanding of state and local government decision making processes. Our strong work ethic and reputation for honesty and integrity allow us to successfully represent your interests.

At the state level although the legislative session is only five months long, the process of telling your story is continuous. Colorado Advocates is prepared to persuasively convey your story through year-round engagement and visibility, a collaborative strategic agenda, and utilization of our extensive network of professional relationships. Let us help you navigate the world of policy and politics to get to “Yes”.

Colorado Advocates is a bi-partisan firm comprised of professional lobbyists, attorneys, communications specialists and community engagement professionals, each of whom has extensive government and private sector experience. We are seasoned professionals who are results-oriented and will direct our efforts on your behalf toward helping you achieve your defined and specific objectives to make your business more successful. We bring enthusiasm, creativity and strategic purpose to help you secure decisions favorable to your business.

We have long subscribed to the theory that our extensive professional relationships and profound understanding of process yields successful results regardless of industry, organization or issue. Regardless, our team also enjoys extensive specialty areas of subject matter expertise including, natural resources, oil and gas, water, transportation, health care, utilities, manufacturing, and telecommunications.

Government Relations Services

  • Legislative tracking, including monitoring, reporting and analysis of legislation and legislative decision making pertinent to client interests, including state and local budgeting processes.
  • Executive branch and agency tracking, including monitoring and analysis of activities, decisions and proposed rules and regulations.
  • Direct advocacy with individual legislators, professional staff and other state and local government officials
  • Facilitating constructive relationships with legislative and executive branch officials and personnel.
  • Strategic counseling, planning and interpretation of legislation, amendments, fiscal notes and budgets.
  • Unparalleled understanding and working knowledge of legislative and procedural rules.
  • Witness preparation for committee hearings and other testimony.
  • Building and engaging grassroots and coalition support.
  • Legislative drafting, including bills, amendments, opinions and agency rules.
  • PAC research, organization a, disclosure and management.
  • Ballot initiative analysis and tracking
  • Strict compliance with all lobbying registration and disclosure rules and regulations
  • Rigorous conflicts policy to ensure your interests are our highest priority.

Community Relations

Meaningful engagement yields successful outcomes

Colorado Advocates has a long and successful track record of helping clients engage, find alignment and succeed with challenging local issues and developments. Our ability to develop a thoughtful outreach strategy and tactical program is second to none. Our team will help you approach and successfully win over community stakeholders and opposition.

The municipal planning approval process in Colorado is highly if not entirely neighbor- and neighborhood-centric. Unless and until a developer can demonstrate they have engaged adjacent and nearby neighbors and neighborhood organizations, municipal officials will not approve a development proposal.

Not surprisingly, neighbors and neighborhood organizations most often start from a position of suspicion and skepticism. Only rarely do they enthusiastically welcome developers and development ideas into their neighborhood. A thoughtful outreach strategy and tactical program can successfully win over these interested parties.

Each project is unique and each requires a uniquely strategic approach. We will help you navigate the city planning and approval process with the services described below. Depending on the complexity of your project, we can engage additional expertise and will suggest other strategies and services.

Community Relations Services

  • Identify and engage adjacent and local landowners and other stakeholders who may be affected by a proposed project
  • Identify and engage Registered Neighborhood Organizations (RNOs) and other civic groups where the project is located
  • Develop a strategic messaging matrix to communicate in a consistent and transparent manner
  • Build diverse coalition support for a project
  • Provide documentation and confirmation regarding outreach activities for per city guidelines
  • Facilitate social media strategies and purpose-built project websites to enhance transparency and communication with stakeholders

Government Procurement

Identify, analyze and seize government contract opportunities

Government agencies represent the single largest buying segment in the world for both products and services. While this presents enormous opportunity, navigating government contract processes can be protracted and impossible to manage. Getting access to and managing the entire process requires technical, political, and policy expertise.

Our government procurement team can help you build and enhance your government markets strategy. Our professional team can help you identify government business opportunities pertinent to your core business and develop strategies to secure that business. An integral component of this work is to develop and implement an outreach strategy to help educate key decision makers about your products, services and capabilities as well as your differentiators. We will help you reach the correct audiences of decision makers to initiate dialogue regarding your solutions in the governmental arena.

Government Procurement Services

  • Contract opportunities identification
  • Pre qualification
  • Pre-RFP advocacy
  • Market assessment and intelligence
  • Strategy development, relationship building, meeting facilitation
  • Procurement teaming counsel
  • GSA qualification